Jords 'After The Ends' LIVE
Power of the Tongue : Sharna Cane : Eerf Evil
So Soulful : Afronaut Zu : further announcements to come

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‘Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.’ - Jimi Hendrix


Emerald Live was birthed on an adoration for music, admiration for musicianship and belief in the ideology that the platform the creative arts provide is the power that induces positive change.

We play host for London's soulful musicians and artists to express and connect with a room full of music lovers; all the while supporting an organisation who dedicate their lives to empowering young people through support and creativity.

In 2017 we introduce our alternating monthly events: ‘So Soulful’ a dedication to the most soul-filled artists; and ‘Power of the Tongue’ is an evening that puts poetry in both its forms beside each other providing a stage for story telling, lyricism and rhyming tongue to become playful, uplifting and enhance musicianship.


Emerald Live's ethos is to use the creative arts and the platform it provides to form a coalesce to induce positive change. Through our way of spreading positivity we came to meet KORI and The Vessel who share this ethos. For the past two years we have been supporting their work through business and marketing support, raising awareness and fund raising,

Every single person who has stepped through our Emerald doors have done the same, each performer, creative and audience member has contributed to the success of these charities and the impact they are making on our society.


We are a social enterprise who donate profits to Kori.

Kori’s values guide and focus their honest desire to enable richer community cohesion; enabling young people to experience and embody appreciation, respect and empowerment.

Believing that once they are well informed; prepared and supported they can then confidently take in hand the reigns of their futures, as each generation must.


The Vessel UK

The Vessel UK is a not-for-profit organisation that trains UK participants to craft and deliver projects at an international level in Africa. Since 2004 the delivery of a rich tapestry of projects has been carried out by over 70 UK participants supporting youth and community development across Africa. This has enabled passionate individuals to broaden their global education and awareness through the training and delivery experience, building essential leadership skills.